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Whether it is for you or a gift for a special one, if you need some inspiration about how to customise your own product this is the right place.

  1. A Gorgeous Grooming Gift  for the Modern Dad

    A Gorgeous Grooming Gift for the Modern Dad

    With an awesome range of male body care products, personalised labels and free delivery when you buy three products or more, we’ve got everything you need to give your dad the perfect Father’s Day.

    Here are some of our favourite Father’s Day gift sets, each beautifully fragranced with our masculine fragrances: Sweet Beet, Lime and Cedarwood or Infused Citrus Spice fragrances.

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  2. Top Playlists for the Trip to Glastonbury

    Top Playlists for the Trip to Glastonbury

    From the disbandment of the Beatles to the death of Jimi Hendrix, 1970 proved to be a sombre year in music.  For the flower loving hippies of the time, however, Michael Eavis offered a glimpse of light as he opened the gates of his Summerset farm to music lovers and, at the price of only £1, offered two days of music and a dainty bottle of milk from his farm.

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  3. Personalised Gifting and Why We Love It!

    Personalised Gifting and Why We Love It!

    We’re all so comfortable now with customisation and personalisation, we do it daily, when listening to music, via our own curated lists; or when shopping online we’re offered recommendations based on our personal shopping history. We even control and filter our TV viewing, watching what we want, when we want. The days of “one size fits all” are long gone.

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  4. Button & Wilde’s Spring Pamper Routine

    Button & Wilde’s Spring Pamper Routine

    After months of bitterly cold wind and crisp mornings, spring is here at last. With this change in season comes a newfound love for our skin as we prepare it for the hours that will be spent sunbathing in the months to come.

    At Button & Wilde, our woodland creatures have been crafting a collection of wonderful body care products to rehydrate, cleanse and nourish your skin throughout spring. Alongside this, they’ve conjured up some truly magical fragrances that intertwine wonderfully with the natural scents of the season. In doing so, they have created a spring pamper routine that no girls skin should go without. 

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  5. Gifts for a Magical, Chocolate-free Easter

    Gifts for a Magical, Chocolate-free Easter

    Every year, around this time, the Easter bunny is hopping from his burrow and delivering sweet treats across the country. Here at the Button & Wilde Workshop we thought that must be very hard work for one rabbit alone, which is why we have decided to send out our own woodland creatures to deliver egg-cellent goodies straight to your loved one’s doorsteps. But instead of chocolate, our boxes are filled with magical fragrances and enriching ingredients – ready to be personalised especially by you. 

    Simply select your favourite gift set or make your own! Don’t forget to add your own personalized message and a pretty picture or pattern for the label. Our workshop will then make up your gift, wrap it and deliver it in time for Easter.

    These beautiful, bespoke gifts may not be your typical chocolate-y Easter present but they are certain to leave your loved ones feeling special and treated this Easter. Plus, I think the Easter bunny has earnt a well-deserved rest, don’t you? 

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  6. Bring Your Skin Out of Hibernation

    Bring Your Skin Out of Hibernation

    As the hedgehogs and squirrels at Button & Wilde burrow their way out of their dens, it’s time to bring your skin out of hibernation and prepare it for the crisp mornings and sunlit days of spring.

    Months of cold weather have allowed dryness to set in, and the gloomy days have left your skin undernourished. We have, therefore, brought together a handful of moisturising and antioxidant packed body care products from our wonderful Wild Citrus Rose fragrance collection. What’s more, these are each ready to be personalised and available for next day delivery!

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  7. A Fragrance for Every Mum

    A Fragrance for Every Mum

    With Mother’s day just around the corner, you’re probably searching for an exciting and unique way to treat her. Button & Wilde’s luxurious range of bath and body care gifts can be individually customised and personalised, so whether she likes a long relaxing soak in the bath or a refreshing shower in her favourite fragrance – our indulgent range has something to suit.

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